Climate Change: What you need to know

We chose the topic of Climate Change to help inform our classmates about and we created the presentation to tackle different aspects in the larger topic in hopes that we get our classmates more interested about the topic and leading them to doing more research about it in order to be aware and more environmentally friendly.

For the creative project we decided to do it in two parts, the first would be an info-graph (attached to this post) that will help inform about the topic of Climate Change, something short and simple and catches people’s attention. The second part of the project is a Facebook page (link below) that had many images, information, videos and important quotes regarding the topic of Climate Change. This is intended to have the subscribers of the page receive updated information about Climate Change along with all the other elements that are on the page. The info-graph is also available on the Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.13.06 PM

Group members: Hoda Ashraf, Mariam Khalifa, Mirna Ashraf, Omar Osman, Guirguis Samir.


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